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Weekly Roundup

Summary of the week's notable ideas and annotations
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I would love an additional date-categorised view of HB. Since I doubt the layout is likely to get such a major change, the next best thing would be a roundup of the past week.

Ideally these digests would be named so that it's easy to search and get a date ordered list back. I'm not about to create a bunch of test ideas just to confirm the sort order, so maybe someone knows how the search works already?

Any volunteers? My idea of an ideal candidate would be someone who reads every day, has a concise writing style, isn't tied up with writing lots of new ideas and is relatively "objective" in terms of selecting and describing others' ideas and annotations.

oscil8, May 18 2012

Ooolongftangftangbank User Scheme Ooolongftangftangbank User Scheme
I think I ended up sending out 3 before I tailed off...or was it 2...either way, it didn't last long. [zen_tom, May 18 2012]


       Hmm, I tried this a while back - and as much as I'd have like to have met your criteria, it's tricky, and more than a little work.   

       Nothing to stop you collecting user ids/email addresses (opt in rules apply etc) and writing out something yourself.
zen_tom, May 18 2012

       I'd just like to be able to vote on annotations. It's the only thing that makes facebook bearable.
UnaBubba, May 18 2012

       Look at the bottom of the Home Page "overview" screen. There is an "Edit" option. You can exercise quite a bit of control over the lists of items displayed, and even save it under an alternate name than "overview". If you do pick an alternate name, it will appear in the left-side menu, alphabetized in the same group as "overview". Then just modify your browser bookmark to pick whichever you want as the default page you see first.
Vernon, May 18 2012

       Enzymes might help with the digests.
bungston, May 18 2012

       Bloody good idea, [bigsleep]. I'm loath to ask for something like that, officially, because the HB is a work of love by the owner. There is no incentive for [jutta] to maintain it, apart from watching a crowd of disaffected, insomniac idiots insult each other 24/7.
UnaBubba, May 18 2012

       Hmm. Five years ago, [zen_tom] counted 5457 users. I just checked and only come up with 2855. What happened? Perhaps the original count was off somehow (maybe by searching for instances of "user" in the HTML, which appears roughly twice as often as there are actual users?). Either that, or there was some sort of apocalyptic half-reckoning that took place.
ytk, May 18 2012

       There is another possibility with respect to ways to implement this Idea. Each HB Idea has a title field, a subtitle field, and a main text field. What if a "summary" or "abstract" or "synopsis" field was added? Then each author could create an appropriate summary, and readers who only wanted to see summaries could edit their "overview" page to do that.
Vernon, May 19 2012

       //What if a "summary" or "abstract" or "synopsis" field was added?//   

       There already is a "summary" field—the one you refer to as the subtitle. Of course, it's not always used for the intended purpose...
ytk, May 19 2012


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