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Word limit on ideas

If it takes more than 200 words to explain an idea....
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TwoSheds, Jul 24 2002

I propose a 200-word limit on account descriptions http://www.halfbakery.com/user/TwoSheds
(He that lives by the sword...) [DrCurry, Jul 24 2002]


       I kind of agree... but I'm not the most succinct person in the world so I can't croissant this. Besides there isn't anything to stop people posting 'Idea' then 'Idea part2'.   

       If an idea is too verbose it puts people off from reading it - and they won't vote for it. Its up to author to get point across in best manner.
Jinbish, Jul 24 2002


       How about we implement this on a per-user basis? Just read the first 200 words.
waugsqueke, Jul 24 2002

       possibly requires more than eleven in most cases, unless your name is TW.
po, Jul 24 2002

       Something tells me Vernon isn't going to croissant this one...
-alx, Jul 24 2002

DesertFox, Dec 12 2005

       I like the irony to this. People dislike the idea of having a word limit of 200, and yet there isn't a single idea in the top 10 with more than 160 words.
hidden truths, Dec 12 2005

       Sometimes, one needs to pile on loads and loads of words so that people do not see through the layers of onion skins to the core of the non-existent idea.   

       "Any properly functioning modern piece of technology is indistinguishable from magic" True.   

       It also enables charlatans to propose what is essentially magic, something which cannot possibly be executed by the available technology, and claim it to be a true "invention". Such proposals are invariably clothed in a surplus of abundant verbosity so that anyone seeking to understand it soon gives up in exhaustion.   

       That said, I do post wordy ideas mainly as satire.
neelandan, Dec 12 2005

       But what about halfbakery:songs ?   

       And Vernon?
Cuit_au_Four, Dec 12 2005

       [Vernon] will surely have something to say.
daseva, Dec 12 2005

       Each idea should be summarized with a preceding haiku.
bungston, Dec 12 2005

       How about you get 1,000 words for free, and then after that you have to join the members-only club for $.01 per word you use.
phundug, Dec 12 2005

       Oh, [bungston], please post that. That's worth a bun of anybody's patisserie.
moomintroll, Dec 12 2005

       How about just making the summary have to explain everything?
vincevincevince, Nov 06 2007

       You could put a word count in the title/summary.   

       But like most others have said, people will decide for their elves whether the chaff outweighs the wheat and then vote with their feet (meaning fingers).
marklar, Nov 06 2007


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