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Van der Graaf Razor

A closer shave through high voltage
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Van der Graaf Generators are devices which generate extremely high voltages at extremely low currents. In layman's terms they are machines for generating large amounts of static electricity. The most common use/effect of a Van der Graff Generator is that when you touch the negative pole of one, all your hair stands up on end.

I propose combining a Van der Graaf Generator with a razor. While touching the razor, which is connected to the negative pole of the generator, all your hairs will stand up on end, making them much easier to shave off and giving you smoother skin.

Just remember to touch a grounded circuit when you are done or else you'll spend all day with "Einstein Hair".

5th Earth, Feb 19 2005


       Bun from me. But how many MV would it take to make those short bristles stand up? (Just had a thought - the same device would also overcome impotence.....)
Basepair, Feb 19 2005

       I don't think a Van der Graaf generator would affect such short hair.   

       The way a Van der Graaf generator makes hair stand on end is by the repulsion between hairs. The science-museum demonstrations show the hair on the head standing up. The Van der Graaf generator doesn't effect the hair root.   

       Daily shaving is of very short hair, where (I suspect) the effect of the rigidness of the hair would be greater than the effect of the replusion between the hairs, or between the hair and the skin. I suspect that the very short hairs don't have enough surface area for the charge to build up on, to overcome the rigidness. I had a similar idea and didn't post it, for that reason.   

       Cold does make short hair stand up. Maybe an ice-wand-shaver?
robinism, Feb 19 2005

       Another detail - most men use running water as part of the lubrication for shaving, and to clean the razor. Your insulated shaving platform could not be plumbed, because that would ground it. You would have to use a bowl of water, and be careful not to spill any, lest it trickle off the platform and ground you, causing your hair to go back to normal.
robinism, Feb 19 2005

       You might not even need the razor. Just have a metal plate wired to earth, but with an insulated handle. Bring is slowly towards your bristly face and, at some critical combination of voltage and distance, a million tiny arcs will leap from bristle-tips to metal plate. Hey presto! - your stubble is but a cloud of smoke.
Basepair, Feb 19 2005

       p.s. - can also double as a jump-starter for elderly relatives with dicky hearts.
Basepair, Feb 19 2005


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