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Vanity Bar

A horizontal bar streched across the mirror for the perfect side burns.
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Bathroom mirrors should come with a thin, horizontal bar streching across them whose height is adjustable. This way, when a person steps into the bathroom and needs to shave the perfect side burns for a hot date, they can move the bar around to the exact height, and ensure that their side burns are of equal length.
sdm, Jul 02 2001


       I generally gauge it by distance from ears. Of course, I'm assuming that my ears are at the same level...
angel, Jul 03 2001

       you could make a template of the "perfect side burns" and hang it from each ear. then groom around that.
mihali, Jul 03 2001

       I need one of these now. Croissant.   

       [angel] Ears are bad and rarely level. Do it relative to eyes or jaw, that's the advice my barber gave me and I'm eternally grateful for it.
-alx, Jul 03 2001

       A stout elastic band about the head offers an excellent assist in styling the perfect sideburns. Use it as a guide keeping in mind [alx]'s advice. Cost: nil. Results: Babes love the 'burns!
The Military, Jul 04 2001


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