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VM=EM Urinal

Visual magnification = Ego magnification
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This is a urinal lined with magnification mirrored surface intended to enhance the users ego.
vfrackis, Jul 05 2014

Only tangentially related... _22ScrubBot_20can_20handle_20it_22
[normzone, Jul 06 2014]

carnival mirrors would be more fun! http://www.carnivalmirror.com/
[xandram, Jul 08 2014]


       Feeling small? And how many home:bathrooms have urinals in them?
normzone, Jul 06 2014

       Is this like one of those bowl mirrors, where you try to grab something and it's not there?
Ling, Jul 06 2014

       We deduce from this idea that [vf] has some serious self body- image issues …
8th of 7, Jul 06 2014

       Let me make a statement, I have no personal issue related to this subject matter the universe has been good to me. That said I believe that this idea could help many people . Think about how much more pleasant the world could be if something like this were boosting the egos that need boosting everywhere.
vfrackis, Jul 06 2014

       It would be tricky to keep the mirrors shiny. However, you could achieve the same result by having a regular urinal surrounded by demagnifying mirrors.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 06 2014

       Or a very small urinal, with tapering tiles on the wall?
pocmloc, Jul 06 2014

       Stroking egos, is not much different than stroking, well you know, something else. Soooo...I say, stroke away.
blissmiss, Jul 06 2014

       "Hey hurry up in there !"
<sound of light-sabre noises and giggling>
FlyingToaster, Jul 06 2014

       Well, if we're going to have giggling...(link).
normzone, Jul 06 2014

       [bliss], you're developing an unhealthy obsession. Keep it up.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 06 2014

       I frequent a cafe with a wall mirror behind the toilet. The experience is unusual and I'm not sure that I'm certain that I want to look at myself while I pee, any part of myself in the moment. On the other hand I do have a large mirror next to our bed.
WcW, Jul 08 2014

       You pee next to your bed?
pocmloc, Jul 08 2014

       He wanted to pee next to yours but that posed challenges, and you know how it is when you have to go.
normzone, Jul 08 2014

       I worry about the possibility that this mirror might concentrate and focus ambient light.
bungston, Jul 08 2014


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