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Variable-Reverb Walls

Providing a wide range of *real* feedback/delay effects
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A system of pins or some such, configurable so as to form a solid face(s), or a plane full of tesselations to absorb sound, rather than reflect it, with infinite degrees of adjustment between dead-flat eggcrate and rock-wall live. Not sure what sort of compressible substance(s) would have to be employed (custard? *shudder*). The details of the engineering would have to be worked out, but this is absolutely doable.
absterge, Oct 25 2001

(?) Variable Acoustic Walls http://www.rpginc.c...triffusor/index.htm
Baked, at least in many high-end recording studios [rmutt, Oct 25 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Doable, but *why*?
I guess it might be useful in a recording studio, but otherwise I rarely need to modify the reverb of my walls.
phoenix, Oct 25 2001

       I imagine the length of the delay is one of the most important characteristics, and that's not going to be changed by varying the properties of the walls, only by varying their distance, isn't it?
pottedstu, Oct 25 2001

       yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, Rods... *sigh*... I actually use one of those Lexicon rack jobs, but this'd just be so much cooler... and more expensive. heh. I guess I'm just a purist at heart, because I just don't kin ta any of those electromagnamanautical thingermabobs, y'know? Practical obviously wasn't the concern here; an anal-retentive level of purism was. Sure, that fourty-four thousand samples a second might be just FINE AND DANDY, but this is REAL reverb, dammit! *whimper, whimper*
absterge, Oct 26 2001

       Croissat for conviction (plus, hell yeah, the real thing *always* sounds better than the digital facsimile).
snarfyguy, Oct 26 2001

       Hi, [absterge].
angel, Oct 26 2001

       Nothing quite like a slapback echo in the splashback toilet.
thumbwax, Oct 26 2001

       Right. The idea was for studios, specifically. Maybe should have stated that up front...   

       Maybe it could be done with a substance under tension as opposed to compression, or maybe a combination?   

       Thanks for the acoustically perfect pastries, gentlemen. Speaking of the next gig, this current tour draws to a close shortly, and I just might have to re-establish myself as the patron saint of all things random here at HB.   

       Y'know what, Rods? The manual to the Lexicon that I've got described how all these effects were originally done, and I'd REALLY like to see what a real plate setup would sound like. Man, I remember playing with the thick placemats at my aunts house just cause they made so much cool noise; I can only imagine what a gigantic sheet of metal would sound like. Yes, and I concur about that Sony box. Blimey!   

       Well, hi yourself, [angel]. :)
absterge, Oct 26 2001


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