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Whoopmeister 3000

Applause enhancement
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The Whoopmeister 3000 is a smartphone app with 3 touchscreen buttons that activate audio whoops of varying degrees of intensity, to augment crowd response / applause. The politician in need can then precisely control when to place these key instigatory volcalizations in response to point they make in their speeches. No longer will boring politicians have to rely on audience plant who get the timing wrong or who fall asleep.

Example: "I want a flat tax... clap clap...across the board... clap clap... for all... natural born ... clap clap ... american .... citizens. Whooooooooooop! (crowd noise swells with perfect timing) clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap whooooooooooop clap clap clap. (Aside: thank you whoopmeister 3000)

JesusHChrist, May 01 2016


       The problem you have is that the smartphoe/app system is going to be significantly cleverer than most democrats (and by some degree cleverer than all democrats), so presumably the phone gets to vote too...
8th of 7, May 01 2016


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