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Variable rice dispenser

A rice dispenser which has a variable-sized output mechanism, because the amount of rice people want varies
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Rice dispensers already exist (mainly available through asian export companies as far as I can tell from a search on the web), but they all seem to give you pre-defined measures (one cup, or multiples thereof in the fancier models). For one thing, one standard (american-standard) cup is slightly over the odds for my taste, and depending on who I'm cooking for, I may want larger or smaller amounts. So, I'm imagining a dispenser mechanism rather like an optic for spirits, made of clear plastic with some kind of movable bit with which you can control the amount dispensed. The dispenser should also have volume markings on it so you can tell exactly how much you're setting it to (in fractions of a cup, fluid ounces, and centilitres, just to make sure everybody understands). The dispenser would have to be designed differently from a standard spirits optic, in that the rice doesn't immediately flow down into the dispenser after a measure is dispensed (because if it did then adjusting the size of the dispenser would be difficult with the rice in the way).

Another thing: I don't get through that much rice myself, so I don't need a dispenser with an enormous holding capacity, like the available models all seem to have. So a smaller dispenser, which would be light enough (even when filled with rice) to hang off the wall to save worktop space in the kitchen, would be great.

vincebowdren, Nov 06 2001

A standard optic dispenser http://www.grayden....mages/25mloptic.gif
What they use in pubs to dispense spirits, the basis for this idea. [vincebowdren, Nov 06 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       What's wrong with a measuring jug?
angel, Nov 06 2001

       Why not just use a small bag of rice, and smaller measuring cups?   

       In an odd sort of way, though, I can see this as a functionally decorative item, with similar dispensers for everything from dry cereal to various spices, all mounted on the wall between the counters and cupboards. Not that I'd want to decorate my kitchen that way...
Guncrazy, Nov 06 2001

       You'd need a proportional measure for the water to cook the rice in. I cook mine 'first knuckle rice, second knuckle water', so I vary how much rice I make by choosing larger or smaller pots. Works.
hello_c, Nov 08 2001

       I've never had a problem with the first knuckle rice, second knuckle water act. it would be a good idea to have a rice dispencer for large resraunts who want to reduce waste.
chupacabra, Jan 26 2002


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