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Wall Food

Variations on immediate access to snack-food in each room of your house.
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A chamber or stainless steel box could be set into any wall of any room in your house. Mounting this box in between the studs of the wall. The box dimensions could be any size. I imagine about 12 in. square,and as deep as the wall depth, ( 3").

The box could be made to be removed. Perhaps a collar piece of metal (a bracket) could be installed first. The box would then slip into and out of the recess when needed.

The box is like ( a 3" deep baking pan laying on its' side), secured into a wall. Open side out. It is positioned above the floor at about 4 ft.

SPECIAL FILLING: Filled flush, with the top of the wall- mounted-box, is a special filling. One of the following:

1) Halva or similar type of nut paste. 2) "edible putty" ( not yet invented). 3) Self-skinning cake frosting. 4) Chewy granola.

Simple, low maintainance snack foods. Uneffected by exposure to a little dust or the open air of a room. My preference is the Halva. It is a medium dense nut paste/cookie. It looks like a block of compressed sand. The texture and color are consistant with that of sand.

The sandy nut pastes or the rich textures of the granola bar batter are easy choices when considering how the wall should be painted. I suggest that the wall be painted with a color similar to the Wall Food.

A light baige spatter- tone looks good with either the vanilla or the chocolate marbled Halva. A more aggresive spatter- tone or a two-tone sponge effect using earth-tone colors would go better with the granola.

FINGERS,SPOONS,ETC.: I recommend a "room" spoon. Keep one hanging on a nail. Or a Swiss army spoon. Key chain/fob spoon, etc. When all else fails.......dig in! (clean hands only!)

The nut pastes or granolas look good even as the are being carved away at. They tend to be more bug,dust and other, resistant. Garages and bathrooms not recomended for this application!

Exchange Wall Food pans when the contents are exhausted, or if they have become foul. Note: For best results; skim off a thin top layer and discard.

Cosmo, Aug 26 2003


       // nut paste //   


DeathNinja, Aug 26 2003

       //the color and texture are consistent with sand.// brings back memories of PB&J at the beach...
Freefall, Aug 26 2003

       A little like in Willy Wonka's choco-palace!   

       "The snozberries taste like snozberries!"
jivetalkinrobot, Aug 26 2003

       I halva feeling I would like this. Mmmmm, halva. +
k_sra, Aug 26 2003


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