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Vasectomy Clinics With Cash Bonuses

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This might help reduce child poverty. Build a series of small clinics in poorer urban areas that offer a cash bonus is you come in to get a reversible vasectomy or tubular. This would help prevent unwanted pregnancies in those with addiction issues as the money would be appealing, and for those who are young and broke and who do not take purchasing of other forms of birth control a priority. Cash incentives are used to fuel blood bank an sperm bank drives, so this would not be a far fetched. Social spin offs would also include an ease on the welfare and health care systems, as well as family services ect.


Honey, Mar 25 2007

Halfbakery: Pregnancy reduction program Pregnancy_20reduction_20program
Previous discussion of the "free reversible sterilization" program, this time with teenagers, not poor. [jutta, Mar 25 2007]

Chhattisgarh, India, 2005 and earlier http://www.catholic....com/new.php?n=2923
Rs. 200-250, depending on gender. [jutta, Mar 25 2007]

Wikipedia: Project Prevention (formerly CRACK) http://en.wikipedia.../Project_Prevention
Drug addicts and alcoholics, $300 [jutta, Mar 25 2007]

snarky http://www.answers.com/topic/snarky
[normzone, Mar 20 2008]


       Welcome, [Honey]. Those links down there are from the creator of the place, [jutta]. They demonstrate that (1) this concept has been discussed before on the halfbakery, and (2) some real life policymakers actually put it into practice, which we call "baked". Either quality means that this idea is [marked- for-deletion].   

       Strike 1. But the cool thing is that you have unlimited at-bats. If you have one good idea you will have more. Read the help file, delete this idea before any snarkiness accrues, and try something else.
bungston, Mar 26 2007

       good idea, but you got tied up in the semantics of the site
lilsis, Mar 26 2007

       //Build a series of small clinics in poorer urban areas that offer a cash bonus is you come in to get a reversible vasectomy // This used to happen in India - a free vasectomy and a transistor radio.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 26 2007

       So basically, this is a way to stop poor people from breeding too much...? Umm [-]   

       On a less disturbed note, keep in mind also that almost every industrialized nation is losing population, and needs more kids, not less. America is only growing due to immigration.
Smurfsahoy, Mar 26 2007

       Good point. Which country has the most human biomass?
daseva, Mar 26 2007

       I think I know where the population is most dense.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 26 2007

       This is a good idea. Too many of the wrong people are having children way too often.   

       I think that once a child is concieved they deserve to live, but no one deserves a life riddled with poverety, addiction, and a generally poor upbringing.   

       That and I don't deserve to have to pay 25% of everything I make to have to support these families. I am by no means saying that they should starve but I definately think that you should only be allotted so much welfare for your LIFETIME.   

       And furthermore I believe it should be somewhat of a government loan where once you get a job the gov. controls your money for a time, issuing things like the bridge card so you are less likely to by drugs/alcohol, and take a little out of each paycheck to pay back what you have taken from society.   

       Why is it that I work to pay for those who don't want to help themselves?   

       Not that all on welfare are milking the system but lets be real. It is too easy.
twinkletoes1218, Mar 20 2008

       //Why is it that I work to pay for those who don't want to help themselves? //   

       Yo Twinkletroll. I agree completely, dearie. If you live in the UK, can you send me a cheque, please?   

       You see, I earn (very probably) way more than you do, which means I pay way more in taxes, which means I'm subsidising your roads, your health care and (if you weren't vasectomized in time) your children's schools.   

       If you let me know what you've earned over the last few years, I'll work out how much you owe me.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 20 2008

       Ooh, an opportunity for snarkiness...   

       I had my tubes clipped early, and plan to remain CBC (Childless By Choice). Can I get a retroactive rebate of some kind? Cash would be nice.
normzone, Mar 20 2008

       What Smurfsahoy said.
Voice, Mar 21 2008


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