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Veggie Tree

Fractal Arbor of cast Iron - arboreal, yet vegetable
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A cast Iron sculpture that supports vegetable plants in its branches or arms - so when in season, resembles a tree.

There are attachments, but I'm a pretty poor salesmen for this sort of thing, so I'm going to try and channel Mr. T, ok?

I pity the fool who don't have a Veggie Tree!

It lets you grow good eats in full sun and also in the shade, don't you see?

And if you ain't country enough to know what goes in sun and what won't go ...

It's stamped or drimmeled right there on the branch. Peppers in sun, lettuce in partial shade, onions here, green beans there.

You know what I think? If you're dumb enough to make a regular garden, I have to give you my prediction.

Pain. Back Pain. And Mr T don't like back pain.

The Veggie Tree is strong Cast Iron and is suspended off the ground, so you don't have to bend over to harvest or weed. No pain! Mr T likes that.

Listen closely, 'cause I'll only say this once, fool. The veggie tree comes with cool attachments. It has a sprinkler system that you can just plug in to a garden hose. Don't ask me how it knows, but it knows when and why to water the goodness.

The veggie tree also can be fully convertible to hydroponics, whatever that means, Mr. Condescending Idea typing man.

And what Mr. T likes the most about the Veggie Tree is the Frost umbrella. It's like the Foreman crab defense - just pull on the heavy strings on the artistic trunk and out of the top of the cylinder of the veggie tree pops a 6 mil clear poly frost umbrella. - well, you have to unfold it a bit, but Mr. T never got anywhere easy and if you didn't have it, you could kiss your cucumbers goodbye. Take that Jack (frost).

Plus, there is the heat lamp attachment that will knock Jack right out.

I dig the veggie tree and I pity the fool who don't have one, 'cause fresh is better than canned and everyone and their mama knows it!

Zimmy, Feb 27 2008

Cast Iron Tree http://www.travelan...ges/distillery1.jpg
Oh, wait, it's bronze. And I'm guessing you mean for it to be the other way up. [DrCurry, Feb 27 2008]

The Generic Planter Tree http://www.freepate...ne.com/4389813.html
It's a tree; it's a planter. [Canuck, Feb 28 2008]


       (+) Good for balcony gardens, and has the added bonus that you should be able to turn sections to maximize sunlight for the plants that want the most.   

       There is a plant nursery up the road here that sells something like what you are talking about, but for flowering hanging baskets. When fully grown they are incredible.   

       ...why not? I like it. +
xandram, Feb 27 2008

       Mr. T scares me, but I like the idea pretty much. I think the garden of plentiful, cornucopia tree element, with a cast iron backbone is intree-quing. +
blissmiss, Feb 28 2008

       Seems a good idea, with an intelligent watering system then even the most forgetful can still grow a personal crop. gets my vote.
crazymonk, Mar 02 2008

       I thought you were going to start channeling Mr. Treon.
bnip, Mar 02 2008


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