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Get kids to eat their vegetables by playing Pool with them.
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Little Ronnie had just 2 peas, two Brussels sprouts and a carrotball left to pot, He had just potted and eaten his last swedeball, and screwed the cue ball behind one of the final peas, He looked across the table at his younger brother Stephen who was down to 1 pea and the carrotball! Ronnie slammed his cue into the cue ball which sent the pea speeding into the corner pocket of his Pool-table shaped plate. Ronnie quickly reversed the cue in his hand, stabbed the pea in the pocket indentation with the small fork on the opposite end and ate it. He then sighted up the tempting Brussels sprout over the middle pocket. He was actually getting quite a taste for them since his parents had bought these VegtabPool plates.
Suddenly Stephen leapt into the air, He had potted and eaten his carrotball and was being congratulated by Mum and Dad. He would now receive the miniature veg-eaters trophy and would be allowed to stay up to watch Match of the Day.

For Ronnie it was time to skulk off to bed, and dream of revenge tomorrow teatime, when Mum would open another tin of Heinz "VegtabPool balls".

Minimal, Jan 27 2006

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       Sadly this would be more likely to make kids better at pool than improve their diet. Is that sad? I suppose one out of two isn't bad.
wagster, Jan 27 2006

       Carrotball- what the heck is a carrotball? Do you use a celery stalk as the cue stick?
phundug, Jan 27 2006

       This would fall under the "WTF??" category for me.   

       I would definitely make believe I was terrible at pool.
phundug, Jan 27 2006

       Children are more tenacious and pig-headed than you imagine. This wont work, but its a great halfbaked idea.
ato_de, Jan 27 2006


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