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Wheally Fun Steering

Games driven by driving
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If you see a car swerving on the road or rounding the block for the third time, it need not have a drunk or stalker at the wheel. The driver could just be playing the latest in steering wheel games.

Like hand held games that are jiggled and tipped to guide small balls, these 8 inch diameter diversions click onto the steering wheel, and the sticky balls are made to roll this way and that by the turning, starting and stopping of driving. The passengers will join in the excitement as they coach the driver struggling to direct the marble through the maze, on an indirect route to Grandma’s.

The games, guaranteed not to hinder operation of the horn or airbag, include a J.Lo face where two black and two white balls must be guided past eyebrow, nose and lip walls to settle into their respective pupil and tooth holes.

Our newest product is a steering wheel painter. Balls leaking paint of different colors are released at its center to roll over the surface as you maneuver your vehicle. Imagine your pride and your friends’ envy when you hang a framed, abstract “To the Museum and Back” or “Picking up Horace at the Airport via Downtown”.

In the prototype stage is the Find Your Way Game. Insert the template for an unfamiliar city, guide the marble along the route line by steering while holding the given speed, and you will never get lost in strange surroundings.

FarmerJohn, Feb 22 2003

My bright idea... http://www.halfbake...llision_20Avoidance
I only bring in my idea because of a comment [8th of 7] made that explains why I gave this a croissant and not a fishbone - "natural selection in action." [resurgere, Oct 21 2004]


       You mean use real traffic conditions to generate game traffic conditions?
galukalock, Feb 22 2003

       I'd like to think this idea is thouroughly baked. I'd like to think that drivers in major metropolitain areas are already playing this game. I'd like to think that most drivers aren't as bad as they seem.   

       This idea, baked though it may be in my idealized little fantasy world, posses a wonderfully low level of irony, and strikes me as a subtle jab at the current, ever-growing crop of driver distractions in modern vehicles.   

       Therefore, (+).
akcarlson, Feb 22 2003

       Segway? pfft. Gangway! (look out, ped X'ers!)
snarfyguy, Feb 22 2003


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