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Vehicle Vagina

The Fairer Foil for Truck Nuts
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You've seen Truck Nuts... those despicable latex testicles hanging from under the rear bumper of your Uncle Jimothy's Chevy extended-cab.

Well now you can add a realistic giant rubber vag to your vehicle. Just use the included suction cups and glue strips to securely fasten the mega meat to your front or rear bumper.

Soon to follow: Truck Titties and Auto Asses :P

Grumbleshark, Jun 27 2007

One of many suppliers in this industry. http://yournutz.com/
Just in case you think Meechity is making this up. [jutta, Jun 27 2007]

(?) I'd like some of these hanging out of my car trunk. http://www.firstcoa....aspx?storyid=43707
[xandram, Jun 28 2007]

(?) The original nut model on Wall St. http://cache.gawker.../WallStreetBull.jpg
(presumably) [Ling, Jun 28 2007, last modified Oct 16 2011]


       Look out [benfrost], you have competition!
wagster, Jun 27 2007

       What about front bumper-mounted penises, to make rear end collisions more fun?
acurafan07, Jun 28 2007

       So, if big cars are for men with small penises, then what am I to think of think of this? Especially if there is a little cutie girl driving a car with a huge vag hanging off the back end.
Ling, Jun 28 2007

       Traffic jam!   


       //Traffic jam!//   

       LOL I really wish I could bun that anno.
acurafan07, Jun 28 2007

       might be confusing for those attempting to plug their trailers into the 'female receptacle'.
TIB, Jun 28 2007

       Are there Truck Nuts in Europe? They are all over the place here. I want to kick them!   

       Might be funnier to put one around the gas hole.   

       I am noticing there is a lot of humor on this site surrounding custard. Maybe there should be a custard-filled model, just in case there is a fender bender. Splop! Ugh!
Grumbleshark, Jun 28 2007

       Shirley it should be filled with Vagina Jam.
marklar, Jun 28 2007

       Oh... Traffic Jam... I get it... (x_x)
Grumbleshark, Jun 28 2007

       //You've seen Truck Nuts...//   

       ...I had not.
fridge duck, Jun 28 2007

       Truck nu.....   



squeak, Jun 28 2007

       Maybe, you could bring a whole new meaning to "pimp my car" by dangling a couple of bloated pimp dolls from your bullhorns.
skinflaps, Jun 28 2007

       It's a sad reflection on our obsession with vehicles that we have to endow them with sexual organs.
wagster, Jun 28 2007

       I hope you're speaking with the royal we. I only name my cars.
normzone, Jun 28 2007

       Of course, subject.
wagster, Jun 28 2007

       I've not seen them, nor ever hope to.
xandram, Jun 29 2007

       Boy, livin' here in the Heartland of the You Ess of Amurrika yew gotta unnerstan that a man's gonna express hisself via his vee-hickle. If that means drivin' a bigass ol' truck, awright. If that means hangin' a hitch of the ass o' that truck, so be it. If that means hangin' a sack o' rubber balls offa that hitch, okay.   

       But some of us are satisfied with the ones we're born with.
elhigh, Jul 04 2007

       This should be illegal, period.
nomocrow, Jul 09 2007

       In the Uk, truck nuts is used as a slang term for girls with large erect nipples which are clearly visable through their clothing.   

       "Its cold today, isnt it Mary?"   

       "Indeed it is Wendy, that young man over there is quite clearly staring at my truck nuts"
S-note, Jul 11 2007

       Here in the States, we call them "fripples" (frozen + nipples).   

       Or, we just say "your turkeys are done".
Grumbleshark, Jul 24 2007

       Would "Bumper Cunt" not be a wee bit more catchy?   

       Eh... Suprised and dissapointed to not find a "What [UnaBubba] said" amongst the annos...
MikeD, Oct 16 2011

       Go and ask him if he's annoed this then.
nineteenthly, Oct 16 2011

       Hate to think what all the numb nuts would say if they appeared here.
Ah Supp, Oct 17 2011


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