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Velcro Boxing Gloves

You Better Be Really Really Sure You Want To Strike
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Choose your target carefully...

Both you and your opponent are wearing a Velcro suit. However, no part of the outfit will "stick" except the striking surface of the gloves, thereby eliminating the hydraulic assistance that would be required in the event of two boxers getting into a clutch.

Once you hit your opponent, you will immediately need to expend a fair bit of energy in disengaging your glove. This of course can be to your advantage in getting him off balance --- or it could be to your disadvantage in leaving yourself wide open for a counter strike!

In the event a knockout punch sends both combatants to the deck due to failure to disengage, it will be recorded as a draw.

And of course a low blow could be problematic from a television coverage standpoint, so... er, well, lets just not do that, shall we?

Grogster, Dec 10 2012


       Next Up: Sushi Boxing Gloves
Grogster, Dec 10 2012

       This could be used as a form of self punishment for kids who fight a lot. If they hit each other they'll be stuck that that until a parent intervenes. (in the morning!)
Brian the Painter, Dec 10 2012

       Out of idle curiosity, is it possible to flame-treat a hedgehog in the same way that Velcro hooks are made, to curve over the end of each spine?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 10 2012

       Seems like you should be able to, if you could expose the tips to enough heat to melt the keratin without damaging the poor critter. Come to think of it, does keratin actually melt, or just burn? Seems like hair kind of frizzes up when exposed to flame, so I would think you could get hedgehog spines to do something similar.
ytk, Dec 10 2012

       Someday soon you may win a prize at the County Fair with the Hedgehog Toss. I envision a largish target with a red dot in the middle.
Grogster, Dec 10 2012


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