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Smiley Face Boxing Gloves

Yellow boxing gloves with a smiley face on the business end
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Inspired by the Smiley Face air-bag idea that I can't find anymore.

Get in your opponents head with the mixed signals Smiley Face Gloves.

Zimmy, Nov 13 2006


       It was mine that I canned because it was actually part of an anno to another Idea I found after the fact. This is good though.
jhomrighaus, Nov 13 2006

       I'm thinking the smiley should be indented, to leave an embossed image on said opponent's kisser.
DrCurry, Nov 13 2006

       [bigsleep], most people don't walk around with boxing gloves on. I was thinking of it for use in a boxing ring where an advantage may or may not be gained by wearing them due to the absurdity of the gloves with that picture on them.
Zimmy, Nov 13 2006

       What, you don't have one already? Wait, how old were you during the late 70's?
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Nov 15 2006

       //leave an embossed image on said opponent's kisser.//   

       A glove embossed with tire treads.
skinflaps, Nov 15 2006

       <adds gametes to lexicon>   

       they could change with body heat from contact.. start angry and the only way to make em happy is to land punches.. kinda like hypercolor clothing back in the day....
rascalraidex, Nov 16 2006


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