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Shrinking boxing ring

Let's make this sport fun again
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The same old boxing, same rules, but the contenders confined into a continuously shrinking stage, starting at standard size and decressing at a constant rate, a couple inches per minute.

By the 6th round, the referee probably need to go out to the ring, but it's ok.

The shrinkage should stop when the ring area is barely enough to fit a fight inside it.

I must to say, this is not my idea, ( doesn't come from a videogame neither); this is some from my own personal experience, when an horde of boys encircled another two as a clever way to keep them figthing. A wild age in a savage land.

May the best man win !

piluso, Aug 23 2019

Zeno's Football Zeno_27s_20Football
[xenzag, Aug 24 2019]


       Boxing ring in the air over the lake. But with short rounds...
bondarchukb, Aug 23 2019

       [-] Moving round is a tactic. Some boxers will be limited by taking space away. Each tactic should have a champion. If Goliath stays standing, David will lose.   

       Putting it another way, the extreme of this would be boxers set at landing distances and both would have to have equal reach for a fair fight.
wjt, Aug 24 2019

       Just when you think "no one's thought of this before"..... see link
xenzag, Aug 24 2019

       This is an amazing idea. Each round would require new strategy, stances etc, the boxers would be forced to do more fighting and less dancing around building the excitement as the fight progressed, very clever.   

       This could be a thing. [+]
doctorremulac3, Aug 26 2019

       Leaning floor for short against tall fight
pashute, Aug 27 2019

       Well this is just a metaphor for life then isn't it? (+)   

       Boxing on rollerskates, on a concave floor?
notexactly, Aug 28 2019


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