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A device to wag your ponytail
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This remote controlled device is small and clips easily to a persons hair, hidden under the pony tail. A tiny wand extends up from the motor, into the ponytail slightly, and when the remote button is pushed the said ponytail will wag back-and-forth in a happy fashion.

Works best with real hair, but can come with faux clip-on (or stick-on) ponytail in assorted styles and colors.

macncheesy, Nov 06 2007

FJ's take on it. Hair_20Whippersnapper
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 06 2007]

reminded me. Ponytail_20resonanc...rrelation_20warning
[po, Nov 06 2007]


       How long until this becomes applied to another hanging bodily attachment?
vincevincevince, Nov 06 2007

       Please no. How come a simple invention has to go down that road?
macncheesy, Nov 06 2007

       The nature of a good invention is that it has many applications. Almost redundant, but the mechanism is different. [+]
daseva, Nov 06 2007

       No I'm not.
wagster, Nov 06 2007

       Great accessory for the pubic hairnet. [+]
noncompliance, Nov 06 2007

       Uuhhhh, no thanks noncomp. Not quite the product synergy that I'm looking for.
macncheesy, Nov 06 2007

       I really need this. I don't have a pony tail, but I sometimes tie my mullet into a rat-tail, and this would be nice. A wagging...hanger wouldn't be very useful, except in very weird fetishes.
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 06 2007

       I've seen something like this for cars. A roof-mounted foam una-ear that the driver can control from inside - to make automobiles more emotive. Your pony-wagger should be controlled by tiny-jaw movements and should have a rich vocabulary of gestures.
juggins, Nov 09 2007


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