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Wax Dredlocks

Like a candle in the wind.
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Beaded cornrows are nifty, but expensive and time consuming. Also,once you have worn them, then what? Different beads? Yawn.

The Wax Dredlocks produce a visual effect similar to cornrowed braids, but are cheaper, quickerand visually more stunning. The stylist gathers groups of hairs together and dips them into wax. When it cools, the wax hangs down from the scalp in a long colorful stick. These sticks clack together as the wearer walks. Various colors are available - mix and match! Colorful beads,glitter and other accesories can be embedded in the wax for extrat flash. Also,the wax dredlocks need not be straight - they can curl and twine in a Medusoid fashion. To remove - hang the hair in ice water for a few minutes, then just pull them off!

bungston, Aug 07 2006

Mayo anti-licer Mayonaize_20Anti-Licer
I was inspired by [pashutes] idea here. I do not think mayo would suffocate lice - so what would? A coat of wax left in place for a few days! [bungston, Aug 07 2006]


       Brilliant! Right up to the point where you get your head anywhere near a flame. /visually more stunning/ is right!
James Newton, Aug 07 2006

       Umm, putting them in ice water will not make it possible to just pull them off.   

       I'd also be a bit concerned about what happens in hot weather. That wax can really ruin a good shirt.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 08 2006

       A tiny plastic bag employed by a nano ganster will do the job.. Not sure what sort of money they charge though and gansters are bad news --- I seen it in a movie...
madness, Aug 08 2006


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