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Vibrating Breast Implants

haptic jubblies
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Use a smaller version of a cell phone battery as payload, chargable like the new artificial hearts. Popular with the "working women" (for entertainment purposes) and the working women (for user-definable high priority wifi alerts 24/7).
prometheus, Oct 23 2001

maglev haptics http://www-2.cs.cmu...ic/haptic_desc.html
interesting [prometheus, Oct 23 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       Much more popular amongst women would be the vibrating penis implant, the "Haptdick," available either in wifi, Bluetooth, or both.
bristolz, Oct 23 2001

       um ... oh, never mind.
sdm, Oct 23 2001

       SDM is right - bluetooth and wifi are complimentary, not competing, standards; they can peacefully coexist in any vibrating implant product.
prometheus, Oct 23 2001

       Ewwww... I like the penis implant idea, but not this one.
Galileo, Oct 23 2001

       Yeah, Haptdick could also solve any potential "last drop" issues.
prometheus, Oct 23 2001

       Omigod. Milkshakes.
Dog Ed, Oct 23 2001

       Semi-baked-ish by Elaine on Ally McBeal (only she used a vibrating bra).
angel, Oct 23 2001

       Vibrating Beast Implants I would have voted for.
lubbit, Oct 23 2001

       I'm speechless.
phoenix, Oct 23 2001

       Yes, hacking could be a problem with anything networked. Imagine, at some point in the future, that heart pacemakers become bluetooth so that the doctor can monitor and make adjustments periodically. Now, say that pacemaker-equipped person goes to grab a bagel at the local (wireless-networked) coffee-shop where a kid with a laptop has just downloaded the cool new DoS tool and is itching to try it out . . .   

       <a lot later> Sorry for the off-topic sojourn
bristolz, Oct 23 2001

       Any chance of an illustration?
simonj, Jun 13 2004


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