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Video Turntable

Turntable setup that control two or more video ouputs
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You start with a standard two-turntable setup. Special vinyls records have a signal encoded in them that the computer recieving the mixer's output reads as time code information. This then allows you to create a DJ set with video instead of just audio. Think music videos beat mixed, and scratched with the video moving back and forth in real time.

I believe there is a vinyl signal system that's already in place to mix mp3's with standard turntables; it would just have to be reconfigured to work with avi files etc. Extremely plausible. A whole new world or performance DJ/VJ's.

SpocksEyebrow, May 06 2005

Boom Chicka Boom Chicka http://www.finalscr....com/v3/index.shtml
Final Scratch [Giblet, May 07 2005]


       Good idea, and likely alrady in development.   

       The system you are talking about is called Final Scratch Pro, developed by Ritchie Hawtin (otherwise known as Plastikman) and Stanton (see link).   

       The 33 and 45 rpm dummy records they give you have a constant tone, who's pitch indexes an MP3 on your HD which speeds up and slows down the playback framrate.   

       A lot of CPU power is needed to have almost zero latency, and since CPU speeds keep increasing, there's no reason that it can't be done with video.   

       For amazing video mixes, check out ninjatune.net and see Coldcut's videos. Especially "Timber".
Giblet, May 07 2005


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