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Video upload service

automated upload of video to many sites
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For those filmmakers who want to spread their films as wide as possible it is quite a hassle to upload it to videosharing websites like YouTube.

For them a paid service on the web will automatically upload their work to the 300+ websites where you can share video. Not only that, they also will host and spread BitTorrents and post it to appropriate binaries Usenet groups.

All kinds of meta data is also dealt with by that website, like updating IMDb entry and so on.

And this service publishes information about the material they distribute. After all, it is a measure of professionality if someone is willing to pay for using this service.

Perhaps they can even strike deals with Joost and such networks to become a 'channel'.

Target audience are documentarymakers who retain the rights over their work, but already got paid for it by some public television station. By distributing their previous work for free they improve their reputation and can perhaps even build a community around their work on their own website. Eventually this can make them more independent from the broadcasters.

rrr, Apr 20 2007


       So this is a macro that uploads to a bunch of sites? Any decent shell script writer could whip that up in an afternoon.(-)
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 20 2007

       Get whipping, whippy! Didn't you see the "paid" part of this scheme?
bungston, Apr 20 2007

       A[rrr]gh! A nice and simple plan with a vague business(ish) model.   

       [GC] - Just because it's easy doesn't make it wrong.
wagster, Apr 20 2007

       "Blame it, this whole thing is just as easy and awkward as it can be. And so it makes it so rotten difficult to get up a difficult plan."   

       Tom Sawyer
bungston, Apr 20 2007

       The technical part 'could perhaps be wipped up in an afternoon', but making one nice form to interface with hundreds of sites and user agreements, that is quite something. Already to monitor all those sites for changes in their policies and categorise them intelligibly in this 1to300 interface is a full-time job.
rrr, Apr 21 2007

       (+) To truly earn your pay, also syndicate responses and comments from all those sites back to the publisher.
jutta, Apr 21 2007


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