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Video Effects on the Go

Use your mobile phone to capture videos and then apply video effects to them
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Imagine if you could be a news journalist on the go where when you see an event unfold in front of you, you can take out your mobile device and capture it...it would then be nice to be able to apply video effects like different color moods, transition effects onto your video so you could post it on your blog (or wherever) live instead of waiting to get home to do the post-processing...it would look more professional and give more impact into what is going on right away.

Here are some highlights:

- Capture videos and apply effects onto them.

- You are your own newscaster: when you spot something of news worthiness you shoot it and then apply digital effects to it such as News type things like overlay text with your name, scrolling description of whats happening, news bugs, etc

- Can apply cinematography effects to determine mood of the scene your capturing -- e.g., graish tone for a depressing scene..e.g, someone videotapes a bum sleeping on street and this Live-caster applies this effect to represent depression and plays unique sound on top

- The catalogue library of effects, transitions, and sounds and music is visible on the mobile phone to select and apply -- it is updated and linked to a companion website and is categorized by moods, popularity, type (e.g, for News, for accidents)

For example, imagine when a two bicycles collide as u see it happen you could apply some comic style graphic on top like overlay "Bonk!" (like the old Batman series)...

quantass, Dec 25 2007


       Just bring a laptop with you, problem solved. [ ]
Spacecoyote, Dec 25 2007

       [Spacecoyote] but then that would defeat the purpose of true video mobility .... ideally the less equipment the better and the mobile phone device as the only tool simplifies things...having a laptop wouldn't be 'problem solved' because you would still need a camera and to be able to hold it up and capture while on the go while also holding your laptop in the right positions and such...very cumbersome...think about it.
quantass, Dec 25 2007

       My Nokia 6120 has a video editor; you can do basic stuff like cutting, titles, transitions, adding sound clips to video, changing colour to black and white etc.
xaviergisz, Dec 25 2007


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