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vidcam processor

add simple capabilities to vidcam on zoom etc. to pan, crop and change background
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Without resorting to the zoom or google groups capabilities, let me crop the pic pan the image distort (or restore) it and set a background.

This app or exe serves as a video source, so that your zoom or Google meet or even skype (if there still is such a thing) can connect to it as your video source. Then you don't have to show everybody your whole room even if you are sitting far from the screen and camera, and you don't have to physically move or adjust the camera to show the picture that you want it to show.

Just adjust everything with software.

The next stage is of course a crappy cheap 360 camera with software zoom and no optics, using the vidcam processor software, to achieve the same.

The next version of vidcamproc will have the ability to send a loop of old footage where you are staring at the camera, and grimacing or smiling every now and then. To achieve the effect of the closed-curcuit video shown in the movie with Sandra Bullock, Speed.

pashute, Feb 09 2021




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