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blast from the past
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telnet-cities is a web hosting services that lets you access your own website, even though telnet.

You can still access your "tel-site" through a telnet emulator on the web browser.

This site will let you host your page, either as a text (With colour ANSI or ASCII art support etc...) pages. Or as a sandboxed ruby/python/node.js program (if you are trying to do an old school MMO or bbs? )

Why? Donno... maybe somebody is still stuck on 56k modem.

mofosyne, Jan 12 2015

geocities! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GeoCities
[mofosyne, Jan 12 2015]

neocities http://neocities.org/
Not a bad homage to geocities [mofosyne, Jan 12 2015]


       If each pixel on a webpage was assigned its own IP address, it would be possible to simulate a very slow web browser through the ping command. For example a black and white web page would be set up with only the white pixels' IP addresses responding to pings.
hippo, Jan 12 2015

       Is it possible to get such a block of IPs addresses in a practical manner?   

       I would imagine it is possible, but that you need to pay a pretty penny to get a run of IP addresses. At the very least hopefully we can have enough to spell out the word "Hello World"
mofosyne, Jan 12 2015

       All this reminds me - I did once see a product called something like 'MailTunnel' - it would intercept messages on a certain port or service which was being blocked by a firewall, convert them to email, send them via email to an email address on the other side of the firewall, unwrap them and convert them back into the original form. Also a very slow way of loading a web page.
hippo, Jan 12 2015


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