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Welcome To Hotel COVID-19

virus pod hotel
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Images of COVID-19 depict it as a ball covered with multiple projecting flared forms, (and usually in a light blue colour for some reason)

Instead of fearing the virus, it's now possible to spend the night actually inside it, with the launch of the COVID-19 Virus Pod Hotel. This is because each of the sleeping pods is an enlarged version of a COVID-19 virus (see pic).

Inside each pod are padded versions of the usual contents of the virus. These act as pillows, bedding and duvet covers. Guests can learn all about the wonderful world of viruses, as every other feature of the hotel has a virus theme.

xenzag, Mar 16 2020

Covid-19 https://www.imperia...ases-exported-from/
pods would look like this [xenzag, Mar 16 2020]


       Still laughing. But probably won't next week when I get it. So enjoy your bun tonight, for tomorrow it just may be a rotten fish carcass.
blissmiss, Mar 16 2020

       Was expecting an Eagles song satire.
tatterdemalion, Mar 17 2020

       I am in Spain, but not really taking it that seriously. People are walking their dogs, food places are open etc.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 17 2020

       Walking outside does not increase risk for you or others.
Voice, Mar 17 2020

       On a bright city skyliiiiine
No wind in my haaaaair
Sharp smell of spray cleaners
Rising up thru the aiiir

       Up ahead in near distance
My screen was shimmering bright
My eyelids heavy and the light is dim
I'm annotating toniiiiight

       Was she outside my doorway?
I heard a siren wail
And I was thinking to myself
I'll go to heaven or I could stay hale

       Then she made me buy candles
I've stooowed food for days
I hear voices from somewhere
And they tell me to saaaaaay

Such a lovely place (I'm happy in this place)
Such a lovely face (my screen reflects my face)

Any time of year (any time of year)
You can find me here (you can find me here)

       Her mind has S&P twisted
Her mind halved Mercedes-Benz
She's got a lot of pretty sneezy boys
That she calls friiiiends

       How they dance through the courtyards, exponential spread...
Some, hygeine remember, some, hygeine forget...

       So I called [8th of 7]
'Say, what's on your mind?'
He said, 'seems like we've been posting here since since nineteen sixty-nine'
And still those voices are calling from far away,
Wake me up in the middle of the night
Just to annotate...

Such a lovely place (croissants i can taste)
Such a lovely taste.
I'm livin' it up in the Hotel Corona,
What a nice surprise (spring-loaded custard pies)
bring your alibis

       Mirrors on the ceiling,
a new way of making ice?
I told her, 'I'm no prisoner here; I've invented a new device'
And in a virtual chamber,
They gathered for the feast,
They cover it with fishbones,
But the cat thinks it's a treat.

       Last thing I remember, I was
Taping shut my door
I sealed every passage back to the place I was before
'Relax' I said to "Corona",
'I'm programmed to achieve.
I could log out any time I like
But I will never leave!'

Such a lovely place...
Such a lovely face...
sninctown, Mar 17 2020

       too soon?   

       *i'm locked-down (i mean "sheltering-in-place") over here
sninctown, Mar 18 2020

       Bravo [sninctown], BRAVO!
whatrock, Mar 18 2020

       As of noon today, so am I. No more fun job. Just retirement. No East Coast vacation, just cornfields, and pissy mood husband.
blissmiss, Mar 18 2020

       + and a covid 19 disco ball
xandram, Mar 19 2020

       ^ you could post that as a standalone idea; to be hung up in a completely empty disco, as an ironical statement on contemporary life ...
8th of 7, Mar 19 2020

       ^ One for the Biennale Art festive. A ceiling disco Corvid -19 with a ring of hazard tape 2m out, down on the floor. And an oversized block of soap sticking out of the floor at an angle into the hazard sphere.
wjt, Mar 20 2020

       I think you should eat so much that the shell bursts, like a pinata...
4and20, Mar 20 2020

       I posted a Piñata virus idea yesterday.
xenzag, Mar 20 2020


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