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Virtual Hall app (or site)

Make your own Get Talent or X Factor show
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[Edited] Make your own Get Talent or X Factor show. You can have friends sign up for the auditions, or you and your friends can be the "talents".

There are two versions: The basic "simple" version, where there are ready shows, which you only change the "Avatars" on, i.e. the faces and hair on the judges' images, and on the faces and hair of the "talents" inserting your own audio.

The advanced version, allows you to add videos of your judging panel, and insert whole "Talent Videos".

It comes with a large selection of cheering and jeering crowd 'effects' (sounds and pictures) to choose from.

Technology is ripe for this: With 3D figure replacement technology widely used in "avatar" setting applications, along with lipsing and dynamic video transitioning are all available technologies.

Parodies, and just "covers" are welcome.

Meta judges can compare different shows and recommend the best ones. No need for an expensive hall anymore, and everyone gets their chance to fame. At least seemingly so.

pashute, Jul 20 2014




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