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The Pajama Theater

Don't forget the popcorn.
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I like going to the movie theaters to see those blockbusters on the huge screens. I find that the most comfortable way to watch movies is in pajamas, snuggled in my favorite blanket while at home. My idea is to have a movie theater--or perhaps certain days of the week in a normal theater--where the dress code is pajamas (nothing risqué--there might be kiddies around; plus there are some people whom you just don't want to see in anything risqué) and one can also take a blanket to snuggle up in. It'll be just like watching a movie at home, except with amazing surround sound and huge 3-stories-high screen. Would also be a good idea if they sold hot chocolate at the concession stands, too, for the ultimate viewing pleasure.
Machiavelli, Dec 23 2004

The Kiwis do this http://www.moviemarathon.co.nz/
PJs and blanket obligatory [ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 23 2004]

The Silent Sack The_20Silent_20Sack
[Detly, Dec 24 2004]


       Bean bag chairs?
half, Dec 23 2004

       Sure, why not? There'll be a bean bag section in the stadium seating.
Machiavelli, Dec 23 2004

       Could there also be some form of cat rental available at the consession stand? Allowing you to stroke a feline for the duration of the film in substitution for (or in addition to) a significant other.
zen_tom, Dec 23 2004

       [Consul], sounds like there's tons o' fun to be had at the Movie Marathon in NZ. I should find out if anything like that happens around here.   

       Cat rental, [tom]? Sure, we'll have that right next to the significant other rental booth next to the concession stand. ;-D
Machiavelli, Dec 24 2004

       No bean bags! One makes enough noise. I can't imagine a whole theatre full.
Detly, Dec 24 2004

       Noise? The acrylic furry ones that I've seen don't seem to make much noise. Maybe I'm not remembering my childhood very well.
half, Dec 24 2004

       Really? That might render my 'Silent Sack' idea a little useless.
Detly, Dec 24 2004

       + very cute
benfrost, Dec 24 2004

       I like it, but it is actually kind of baked. Old folks told me back in the days of Drive-In Theater, some people, especially kids actually sit in the car watching the movies in pjs
neoearth, Dec 27 2004

       [scothand], a trunk search.
mensmaximus, Dec 27 2004

       Lovely, [Mach]! If baked, we could schedule a HB pijama theatre session. Just don't let [benfrost] know about it... he might show up wearing nothing but a thick layer of vagina jam. He's a strange character ;)
Pericles, Dec 27 2004

       [scothand], I'm usually a well dressed individual who wouldn't be caught dead in pajamas in public unless it's the dress code for the theater and it's enforced by the pajama nazis who work there. In other words, the dress code is there as an incentive for me and other like-minded individuals to go out in our PJ's.   

       Don't worry, [Pericles], I'll tell [benfrost]'s parole officer to make sure he's dressed appropriately. ;-D
Machiavelli, Dec 27 2004

       I always go out in my pajamas. I just put clothes on over them so as not to get arrested and/or giggled at.
half, Dec 28 2004

       Bring your own cat?
gnomethang, Dec 28 2004

       The cat's pajamas?
half, Dec 28 2004

       [half], you can't come to this theater in your underwear or naked, if that's how you sleep. Spare us. :-)
Machiavelli, Dec 28 2004

       Come to think of it, nazis will make you wear striped PJs.
mensmaximus, Dec 28 2004

       People wear those jammy-pants everywhere now, but I still like this idea. +
xandram, Jan 17 2013

       Great idea - Take it the next step, and you get...Sleepover Hotel! Everybody sleeps in sleeping bags on the floor (or air mattresses) in one big room, kinda like a hostel, except there's a movie, and snacks, and maybe games, and the "parents" make sure that there's no funny business. Pancakes for everybody the next morning.
smendler, Jan 20 2013


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