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Retro Movie Theater

Movies one decade old
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I would like to see a movie theater that plays all of the movies that wsere playing 10 years ago today. When I visit the movie rental store I spend as much time perusing the older movies for movies that I 1) haven't seen in a long time or 2) wanted to see at the theater but never did. Many movies 10 years old or so are just making it to DVD and I am glad to find a few of them (I don't own a VHS player anymore). There are some cool movies that my kids would like to see on the big screen (ET, Back to the Future, etc). My examples are probably older than 10 years but you get the idea.
MoreCowbell, Jun 30 2006


       Wow. If you mean what I think you mean I love this idea. If the films come out EXACTLY ten years later, in the same sequence.   

       I once thought that it would be good to have a kinda "radio-wave" museum - where broadcasts from ten years ago (or whatever) could be all played back on their original frequencies and format, so you could spend your day in a day in (say) 1977.   

       So you could flip channels on a TV, tune into the radio - (view newspapers?) and then watch a film. I'd love to hear and see what was going on when Star Wars was being released; but in the context of all the other stuff that was going on in the world as well.   

monojohnny, Jun 30 2006

       I guess as long as we could throw popcorn and blow noises with the candy boxes, it would be fun. +
xandram, Jul 01 2006

       [monojohnny] I forgot I posted this and never checked the responses. I would also like to have a theme week from time to time where an entire series is played nightly for an entire week. For instance, Star Wars week or Star Treck or Rocky Week. One sequel per night. You could sell a series pass so the cost would be resonable.   

       I like your idea of the retro radio and such. When you go to the mens room the newspaper on the wall above the urinal (typically the sports section, why is that?) could be 10 years old, but the popcorn would have to be fresh though. :)
MoreCowbell, Jul 11 2006


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