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Virtual Second Display

For two viewers to see different images
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This idea is probably best suited for video games -- such as when you have a two player game, and want to give each player a different image, but don't want to split the screen (resulting in a smaller image for each player, and allowing each player to see the other's image), and don't want to use an actual second tv/monitor, since it would cost too much.

Simply give each player LCD shutter glasses, similar to those commonly used to provide for the viewer a three-d image, but modified... in each pair of glasses, both lcds are dark, then both light. Furthermore, the two pair of glasses flickering is 180 degrees out phase. As a result, each viewer sees, the same image with both eyes, but only every other image that the tv/monitor displays.

Thus, one viewer sees even numbered images, and the other viewer sees odd numbered images.

Besides being used for games, where each player sees from the point of view of the character he's controlling, the system could also be used as a cheap way to allow two people to simultaneously use one computer, for entirely different tasks.

And even more interesting idea might be to film a tv show or movie, using one soundtrack and two different points of view.

goldbb, May 22 2009

Prototype-baked. http://dvice.com/ar...land-rover-ente.php
It seems a lot of car manufacturers are experimenting with this. If you can do it with a car display, you can do it with a computer monitor. [DIYMatt, May 22 2009]

4-Way Television 4-Way_20Television
[xaviergisz, May 23 2009]

GameShare Goggles GameShare_20Goggles
redundant [xaviergisz, May 23 2009]


       Sorry, baked by the new Lexus center display. will link as soon as I can.   

       EDIT: the "real deal" requires no special glasses.
DIYMatt, May 22 2009

       xaviergisz, Thanks for pointing that out for me, I didn't realized my idea was a reinvention :) If noone makes comments on the [small] original part of my idea (1 tv show/movie, 1 soundtrack, 2 points of view), I'll delete this idea from HB.   

       21Q, maybe you and everyone *you* know has multiple TVs, but I certainly don't... actually, if I had the money to waste on a second TV, I wouldn't have space in my (very tiny) apartment to put it.   

       And as for keeping your opponent player from seeing where you're hiding... if he takes off his glasses, what he'll just see on the physical screen will be the average (due to persistance of vision) of his virtual screen and your virtual screen. So the details of your virtual screen will be very hard to make out.   

       As for other viewers experiencing a seizure or headache... I don't see why it would be much different from looking at a 3D movie without the glasses -- annoying, since it's a blur of overlapped images, but not headache inducing.
goldbb, May 28 2009


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