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VR display plus gloves for 4-D visualisation

Map 4-D spaces onto 3-D spaces rather than 2-D ones.
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As I just mentioned, projecting a four-dimensional scene onto a two-dimensional surface, which is what happens normally when you view, say, a tesseract on a computer screen, compounds two distortions. Our retinae are effectively two-dimensional even though there are two of them and we visually process the two images into a three- dimensional scene.

If, however, we were genuinely four-dimensional beings in a spatial sense but otherwise quite similar to how we currently are, we would have effectively three-dimensional retinae into which the four-dimensional scenes kata us project their light. We do in fact have senses much better suited to perceiving three-dimensional space than our eyes and ears, namely proprioception and touch, and possibly balance come to think of it.

Therefore, why not have a pair of VR tactile gloves plus a visor to view four dimensions? The hands explore the three-dimensional projection of the four-dimensional object, just as the eyes explore the two-dimensional projection of a three-dimensional one. It would work better than just looking. Look with your hands.

Again, thanks to [jscott] for the explanation.

nineteenthly, Feb 06 2017




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