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A system that makes it seem all too real. (Redone)
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I previously posted a different idea of this, but came up with a different and, I think, better idea.

Imagine you get home after a hard day at work, with your boss screaming at you for the simplist mistakes. You head to the basement where you had the newest virtual reality system hooked up last month; you put on the game-suit, and head to work in the game. After you arrive, you find your boss and viciously beat him to death, this is all fake, but you get the feeling of actually killing your boss.

The suit would be wireless, and make you have resistance when needed. For example, if you take a drive to the store in the game, the suit would apply enough resistance so you could sit on it and have nothing under you, it would feel like you are sitting, the drivers wheel would feel real because the suit would provide resistance at a certain point that the wheel would feel like it it there, but there isn't anything actually there.

And the helmet of the suit would provide the visual effects, while the shoes/feet of the suit would work with the low friction floor so it feels like you are walking, but you never move. The suit could become "wet", where it feels like you are being rained on, but never get wet, the wind would feel like wind, and you could feel the grass beneath your feet.

It would be a mimic of the "real" world using gps to get all the cities correct, but cannot use real people, so you get fake people in the game. This could enable people to do whatever they like in the game without any real side-effects. ex. you could murder your boss in the game, and never get sent to prison because you shut the game off before the police arrive. Getting shot would be a instant powerdown.

krigre55, Nov 30 2007

Stereoscopy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stereoscopic
Wikipedia page on stereoscopic imagery [apocalyps956, Dec 02 2007]




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