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Virtual computer

Glasses and gloves = computer!
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The man with the dark coat, leather gloves and sunglasses sits down at the coffee shop table, flips something in his pocket, then looks up and starts tapping his fingers on the table. He then moves his hand to the right and moves it around.

What's going on?

He's wearing a virtual computer. In his glasses he can see a 'heads-up' type display that shows a large monitor. Below the monitor he sees a keyboard and a mouse on the table. When he moves his fingers to where the keyboard appears and presses keys, he can 'feel' the keys (the gloves give him feedback). When he moves his hand over to where the mouse appears, he can feel the mouse.

The man gets agitated. Begins tapping his fingers furiously. Nearby customers can hear strange blasting sounds coming from his earpiece. Then a loud 'bang' and the man jumps up and yells 'Got him!'. Then he looks around, somewhat embarrassed, flips something in his pocket again, and walks back out of the shop.

I realize that creating the virtual computer image (especially one that doesn't move relative to the table in front of you) takes a lot of computing power. But after all, people sometimes complain about how we are going to use all of the speed we have now.

newt, Apr 06 2005

Gloveboard Gloveboard
Glove keyboard [newt, Apr 06 2005]

Laser keyboard http://www.virtual-laser-keyboard.com/
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       Tapping his fingers on the table?   

       Moving a virtual mouse?   

       If you're going to improve in one area, improve in all of them. I'm sure there are better text input methods than keyboard metaphors.
omegatron, Oct 23 2005

       Bad title..."Virtual Computer" implies the computer doesn't actually exist. "Virtual Input Device" is more like it.
Akabaka, Oct 23 2005

       Essentially, using a very powerful computer to simulate a not very powerful computer.
wagster, Oct 24 2005


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