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Whack-a-Mole Learn-to-Type Keyboard

For learning to type or just for fun
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The Whack-a-Mole learn-to-type keyboard works on the same principle as the amusement arcade game, and can be used in two modes:

1. Learning to type mode

As you type out the practice sentences,8 the key you need to press for the next letter springs up. When you tap itb, it retracts, and another key springs up, and so on. You only need to apply normal typing pressure gfor it to retract (so you don't end up learn1ing to type too firmly). Learning to type becomesk intuitive and fun as your fingers chase the leaping keys around 5the keyboard!

2. Just for fun mode

In the just-for-fun mode, the keys are allk at normal height and you can type away normally. However, every so often, a key springs up and you have to press it back down4.

A setting qlets you choose whether the average frequency at which letters pop up is constant, or adapts to how quick you are at pressing thepm back down.

Another setting ylets you choose, within limits, ]how much force is needed to make the keys retract.

There is also a setting that allows you to select whether pressindg those keys actually types that letter or not, depending how muchx you care about ending up with zrandom letters strewn through your document.j

imaginality, Dec 10 2006

What is Whack-a-Mole? http://www.rinderpe.../04/whack-mole.html
[imaginality, Dec 10 2006]

Learn the Alphabet with Whack-a-Mole http://www.playkids...m/games/wam/wam.htm
[imaginality, Dec 10 2006]

Celebrity Whack-a-Mole Celebrity_20Whack-a-Mole
One good link deserves another [imaginality, Dec 12 2006]


       Are the mistakes here for a reason? Anyway...The point of learning to type is to not look at the key board and only look at the instruction book. Having a key pop up would not really aid in this learning.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 10 2006

       //For learning to type// I think you need it - full of typos - deliberate of course. You need to munch on a croissant. You can pick your teeth with that bone afterwards (whomever left it) +
xenzag, Dec 10 2006

       The lbast sentence earkned you y1our bun.
phundug, Dec 10 2006

       I love this gamfdjfkd9dj4303lkf]q
daseva, Dec 10 2006

       I've segen Mario-related games thate teacfh you how to type. Every so ofjten a block comes along with a letter on rit, and you'd press a sbuttoen and Marrioe would destroy fit. jMuch easier adnd better than a whack-a-mole keyboaryd.   

       Then iahithjetnaehijgain...
Abusementpark, Dec 10 2006

       I think the pop up keys would not necessarily need you to look at the keyboard - they could be felt.
pop up keys could be used to show available options at certain times, or they could be used to make certain keys more likely to be pressed than others.

       Say you were typing a certain word, according to a predictive system, the most likely next letters could be raised.
Ling, Dec 10 2006

       //Say you were typing a certain word, according to a predictive system, the most likely next letters could be raised.//   

       That would *really* piss me off. I hate all of this predicitve stuff, it never predicts what I want to say, it just distracts me and using predictive typing just makes typing harder on machines that don't do it as you would get used to it.
webfishrune, Dec 11 2006

       I would love to know how the spell-check feature works for this if there is a computer version of this.=)
The Gimp, Dec 11 2006

       //Easy to2 tell whoz read the whole 1thing and who ldidn't.//   

       I don't think reading it was the problem as so much comprehension was.   

       I was under the assumption that the keys that popped up were ones that were supposed to be in the deemed text.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 11 2006

       It also needs a "whack you back" feature for hitting the wrong key.
Jscotty, Dec 11 2006

       Or keys that squirt water at you.
phundug, Dec 12 2006


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