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Wireless Keyboard

wireless rechargeable keyboard
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is it me or is there no such keyboard that exists that is both wireless, but can be recharged via usb? i dont want to have to keep taking the batteries out and recharge them separately, or, throw them away to replace them with new ones. so my idea (if it doesnt already exist - and if it does do tell me where i can get hold of such a thing) is a wireless keyboard (and mouse) that can be charged AND used at the same time, via usb, but when charged can be unplugged and used wirelessly...
martin, Jan 16 2008

Rechargable keyboard http://www.logitech...evices/192&cl=us,en
[MisterQED, Jan 16 2008]

Cord-optional Mouse Cord-optional_20Mouse
This is the same idea for the mouse. [BJS, Jan 23 2008]


       It took you SEVEN YEARS to come up with that?!
DrCurry, Jan 16 2008

       Baked, I installed one for my boss, I'll find a link.
MisterQED, Jan 16 2008

       "It took you SEVEN YEARS to come up with that?!"
With time off for good behavior...
phoenix, Jan 16 2008

       Hey, go easy on the guy. For all I know, he has a shedload of good ideas; don't drive him underground until 2015!
david_scothern, Jan 16 2008

       As far as we know he already built a time machine which he was posting about 7 years ago, ready to enlighten our lives with, until he hit the wrong function key on his wired KB and his USB charged time machine sent him forward 7 years.   

       You never know.
Giblet, Jan 17 2008

       I hear cranky keyboards   

       I hear cranky keyboards could run hours from a few handle turns
beanangel, Jan 17 2008

       i have no idea where this seven years came from, but i would like it back.Evidentally it has been wasted coming up with this idea so i'm off now, back to 2001 to stop me from pressing the wrong button on my time machine...and im taking all your ideas (circa 2002-2007) with me..the glory shall be all mine...! muhahahahaha
martin, Jan 17 2008

       also, thanks to those who posted a useful link. your help and names have been noted.
martin, Jan 17 2008

       All right, I confess, I'm the [martin] autobunner. Every idea since 2001.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 18 2008

       Welcome to the halfbakery, [martin].
zeno, Jan 18 2008

       Now check out the ideas here that will recharge your mouse and keyboard from the turning of the wheel, the moving of the mouse and the punching of keys.
zeno, Jan 18 2008

       what i cant see [from the links i have been given] is the ability to use the keyboard while it is charging. The logitech one has to sit in a cradle. and the other one doesn't mention how if it is usable while recharging.both are rather expensive. im talking about simply 'plugging it in' to the computer via a usb cable so i can still use it while it charges.i think alot of critics here have missed this point. a wireless keyboard with its own usb cable that provides connectivity and power (much like some USB connector hubs/external had drives), and the same for the mouse...it seems simple enough to me.but bloody hard to find a good description in the specs given with the ones already on the market.... i guess this is more of a gripe rather than an 'invention'
martin, Jan 23 2008

       You could use the onscreen keyboard while the other one is recharging.
nineteenthly, Jan 23 2008

       I suppose people started to forget the very essence of invention... I guess the word "comfy" gradually became "crippled"! We should stop and think where our blind reliance on technology is leading us.
swirlyivy, Jan 23 2008

       Wait, you need to use the keyboard while it is charging? Don't you sleep? The keyboard should work continuously for weeks without needing a recharge. I can't imagine any human an make that claim. Or maybe you "hot-bed" the computer so that someone is continuously typing 24/7/365? If so, buy a regular wireless keyboard and a set of four rechargable batteries.
MisterQED, Jan 23 2008

       okay, is it just me, or does it occur to anybody else that if the computer's off when you're not using it, then there's not going to be power in the USB cable to do the charging.
FlyingToaster, Jan 23 2008

       ok, i see your points about the charge lasting for ages, BUT, and heres a scenario which i dont think is too far fetched...: "i need to use the keyboard, but the battery is dead/will only last a few more minutes, and i need it for the next hour or so.surely then, the merits of plugging it in via USB proves itself. plus, it saves having a docking station clogging up the desk, if its all integrated to the keyboard as well...surely this is an alternative..and we all naturally want some level of choice don't we...? plus, this means you are only using electricity when it needs charging, not sitting it in a docking station everytime you arent using the computer (which will consume some level of power regardless of battery charge status...)
martin, Jan 24 2008

       well, apart from having posted a cordless keyboard myself a few weeks ago (can't figure out how to link), I'd be more inclined to put a battery charger in one of the 5-1/2" slots on my computer.
FlyingToaster, Jan 25 2008

       [FlyingToaster], I thought you had me for a second, but the linked keyboard doesn't use USB to charge, so unless you are very power conscious and plug it in a power switch that goes down with the PC, you are still OK.   

       And [martin] assuming you just put the keyboard in the little charging dock when you are not using it, at least 5 minutes every two weeks (see 1st link), you will be OK.
MisterQED, Jan 25 2008

       ah well, on to my next idea....:D
martin, Jan 29 2008


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