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Visble Radar Detector

Help out the more under-equipped drivers on the road.
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Note: This is for use only in areas where radar detectors are legal. Some models are actually encouraged in some areas because they also detect emergency signals, like those emitted by some ambulances, fire trucks, and approaching trains.

Basically, this is a light (like a small cluster of LEDs) you can choose to turn on or off that is linked to your radar detector and mounted in your back and side windows. If your radar detector picks up police radar, the light comes on, letting the drivers around you know they should check their speed.

(note: after my last $134.00 speeding ticket a few months back, I've amended my driving considerably and never go more than 5 over, but I still feel a little guilty when I see an as-yet-unreformed hotshot screaming past me while my radar detector is squeeling like R2-D2 when he stuck his computer jack into the power socket)

21 Quest, Aug 27 2007


       Bravo! +

       I'm all for making the invisible visible.
csea, Aug 27 2007

       We take our cues from the cars ahead of us on the road already - when they all slow down suddenly, you can bet there's a police car around the next bend. Or when the speed-kings all suddenly pull out of the fast lane, you can bet their radar detectors all popped.
DrCurry, Aug 27 2007

       This is for the benefit of amateurs (like I was not too long ago) who are too stupid to take a hint and probably deserve the ticket, but I feel a pang of sympathy for nonetheless. Being a reformed speeder/ red light runner, I feel a strong desire to reach out to those who have not yet seen the light (pun not intended). The idea is that after seeing how often the radar lights really get lit, they'll realize how vulnerable they really are and eventually reform.
21 Quest, Aug 27 2007

       I like to use those who are driving that much faster than me as sacrificial goats. If I see someone blasting by me at ninety, I know that they are going to keep the next patrol car ahead busy, and I can keep going eighty.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 28 2007

       I like this idea, but you should check your local laws. I know that in some jurisdictions alerting other drivers to the presence of a traffic officer, for example blinking your lights, is an offense itself.
Noexit, Aug 28 2007

       //unreformed hotshot screaming past me while my radar detector is squeeling like R2-D2//

       Otherwise known as Bear Bait, and a public service.
nuclear hobo, Aug 28 2007


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