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Vishnu Sneezing Arms

Preserve Hygenic Conditions
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Citizens of many countries around the world have no doubt been reminded by their respective government agencies to sneeze into their sleeves and not their hands. But this can leave an unsightly blob of phlegm on the sleeve, the outline of which remains even after removal with a handkerchief.

The solution: detachable, hollowed plastic arms are mounted on one's dorsolateral region via a strap that wraps around the shoulders underneath the outer coat, and protrudes out of the neckhole, around both sides of the collar, and finally down the back. The arms are attached using permanent magnets and contain a disposable dressing (sleeve) that comes in a variety of colours to match whatever outfit. When one feels the urge to sneeze, he or she simply yanks an arm down and out and proceeds to expectorate. Any residue left on the arm can be wiped off with a handkerchief, as the dressing is made out of synthetic, non-absorbent fiber. The dressing is machine washable, but cheap enough so that it can be disposed of if it becomes tattered.

Cuit_au_Four, Dec 03 2009

Vishnu Indicating Arms Four-Arms
[marked-for-innovation] [theleopard, Dec 04 2009]


       Surely these could be connected (mechanically or electrically, as you prefer) to the the wearer's chest and diapragm muscles, in such a way that normal breathing is unaffected, but that sneezing automatically triggers the extra arm up and forward to the mouth?
pocmloc, Dec 04 2009

       Ah, not just useful for indicating to traffic on a bicycle then?   

theleopard, Dec 04 2009

       I like pocmloc's idea - especially the humour derived from watching an especially powerful sneeze causing minor facial injury as the sneezer is 'Vishnu-slapped'.   

       Alternatively, a good way to start a fight in a crowded area by inadvertantly punching up to six people in the sneezer's immediate vicinty.   

       Bun for the humour factor alone, which is sufficient to offset participation in the counter-productive hygene fashion.
Twizz, Dec 04 2009

       "Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of Colds ....."   

8th of 7, Dec 04 2009


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