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Visible Central Locking Laser

Puts the fun back into driving.
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If we could use a visible laser (like in a quasar gun) instead of the Infra Red (Radio Wave?) in our central locking and alarm remotes, getting into the car would become a game.
Have a target instead of a sensor, and the beam would look really cool.
Include a regular remote as a backup for emergencies (or if you get fed up).
MikeOliver, Jun 04 2004


       and hey, it would help prevent drunk driving too...
david_scothern, Jun 04 2004

       // the beam would look really cool //   

       Unless there's fog or smoke about, you can't see the laser beam. Quasar games use a smoke-filled arena (presumably produced by a triethylene glycol "smoke"/fog machine).
benjamin, Jun 04 2004

       Perhaps the first push of the button could release a blast of dry ice from your car, or else you could save it for foggy nights.
At the very least it would produce a visible dot, so could be used as a laser pointer in an emergency, and also it could make that "piow" noise when you press the button.
Is that not cool enough for you [benjamin]?
MikeOliver, Jun 04 2004

       Certainly a dry ice blast ability might lead to a usefully visible laser beam, and also be great for other effects (eg, triggered when opening doors, especially on a silver gull-wing).   

       Multiple targets to selectively unlock certain doors would be great.
benjamin, Jun 04 2004

       "Especially on a silver gull-wing" Delorean!
Multiple targets for different doors, plus one for the boot (trunk), and one for the headlights.
MikeOliver, Jun 04 2004


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