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Silent Alarm

"Alarm" uses microwave beams to stop thieves.
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No howling sirens, no flashing lights. An intensified microwave beam alarm is built into the car, perhaps right in the front seats.

Thief breaks in, sits on the seat, triggering a motion-sensor which activates the microwave beam defense. The invisible beams instantly make the theif really sick and they won't be able to continue the theft.

Just hope he doesn't puke in your car.

Flex, Jan 24 2003


       That's not an alarm; it's a booby trap. Illegal in many municipalities.
snarfyguy, Jan 24 2003

       I say booby traps are OK. Nobody should be messing with your stuff anyway.
xnihilo, Jan 24 2003

       Fine with me; I was just pointing out that the name is wrong. And that it may be illegal...
snarfyguy, Jan 24 2003

       What if they're just after your stereo?
my face your, Jan 24 2003

       Now, now, legality in certain places doesn't change the merit of the idea.   

       Although honestly, I thought microwaves warmed things up. I didn't think they could make people puke. Then again, I'm no expert.
lumpy, Jan 24 2003

       Useful on a cold day.
egbert, Jan 25 2003

       Stereo, what stereo? The alarm has frazzled most metal components inside.
RayfordSteele, Jan 25 2003

       what if you forget to de-activate this "silent alarm" and YOU get sick? huh? cant argue with that!
sailormoonfan, Jan 25 2003

       This sort of alarm practically already exists. A device attached to the steering wheel gives painful, repeated electric shocks to a would-be thief. And, though police departments don't recommend it, this seems to be legal.   

       See Jeanne Wright, "Your Wheels: The Shocking Truth about the Latest Anti-Theft Gizmo for Cars, " The Los Angeles Times, Sept. 10, 1998
aaronf, Jun 03 2003


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