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Visual Light Control

Control light switches with your google glass
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Look at a light fixture and blink 3 times. The light turns on (or off). Google glasses, or a similar device facilitates this magic.

The house's lighting can be controlled by a house computer. The layout of the house including light fixture locations is programmed into the wearable computer. The wearable computer 'knows' what light to activate by way of the outward facing camera, tilt sensor and compass. The activation is triggered by eye blinks. Dimmers can be activated wide eye vs squinting. The wearable computer relays the command through the house computer.

knowtion, Jun 29 2014

6th Para down (there are 7 pragraphs) http://www.v-net.tv...dows-for-smart-home
[Skewed, Jun 29 2014]

Though he uses the VR function http://whitenoise.g...utomation-826840537
[Skewed, Jun 29 2014]


       Not a bad idea, but I'd prefer VR with a concealed microphone in each room, possibly augmented by cameras & motion sensors that let you add games console style hand & body motions to the bag of tricks.   

       I really don't want to have to wear anything (to let me control household gadgets) while I'm padding around my own home.
Skewed, Jun 29 2014


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