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tone adjustable lighting

see things in the right way
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This device allows the color to be shifted as neaded. You would have a group of red, green, and blue LED lights that would increase/decrease the voltage towards the more comfortable color spectrum for what you are doing.

For example if you are reading it is nicer to have a bright but yellow/white light while if you are talking to people and are playing games then a more redder hue makes everything more comfortable. When cooking a nice white light makes for easier prep. You may be thinking, well why not use a dimmer switch? Because i need the color intensity just not of that particular shade.

Your lightswitch would have an on/off switch and a joystick/trackball control. That way you can set a median and use it but if the need arises then you can easily adjust.

hypergiaphobia, Nov 16 2007

LED color gamut http://images.googl...l%3Den%26safe%3Doff
Since Blue LEDs are now available, pretty good coverage [csea, Nov 16 2007]

Phillips Hue https://www.philips...k-b22/8719514393295
It's happened - been in shops for a few years now [mylodon, May 27 2022]


       Very Nice!   

       <nitpick> "Voltage" isn't quite the right word. Maybe "intensity?" </nitpick>   

       See [link] for the range of colors currently achievable with LEDs.   

       I think you'd need an intensity control (regular lightswitch, but with dimmer adjustablity) along with the joystick. Could be combined in one control, but seems like separate controls would be preferable (e.g. leave the color alone, just a bit dimmer, or leave the brightness alone, just a little bluer.)
csea, Nov 16 2007

       Simplest of all: separate dimmers for red, blue, and green. Three straight-forward circuits, no perfidious electronics.
Ned_Ludd, Nov 16 2007

       Simple circuit, yes, but much harder to get the exact right color and intensity.
csea, Nov 16 2007

       I was hoping it would listen to voices and auto-adjust based on emotion. Red/white for angry, soft red for sleepy, white/blue for stressed, soft blue for love, etc.
Voice, May 28 2022


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