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Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.


What are you doing here?

Go look for something by [MaxwellBuchanan] or [8th of 7].

It's going to be better than anything you'll find here, promise.

Sadly both no longer with us, I miss their words.

[May 30 2014, last modified Oct 01 2021]

(+2) A Solution to Lobbying
(+2) Airport Lounge Drone Paintball Game
(+1) Asymptomatic Viral Vector Protection.
(+4) Autoimmune Replacement Therapy
(+3) Baby AI Creche
(+5) BeYourPet
(+4) Big Red Squirrels
(+1) Biology As Entertainment
(+3) Catapult Commuting
(+2, -1) Cheese Cloth
(+5) Cloud Lilies
(+2, -1) Cooperative Global Weight Loss
(+4) Cryogenic Tubes, Internal
(+2) Cure for Virtual Pool
(+3, -1) Custard Filled Balls
(+4, -2) Debunking Time Travel with Math & Biology
(+5) Displacement Buoyancy & The Art Of Not Crashing Your Satellite
(+4, -1) Drive through artificial MUD
(+8)(+8) Early foetal human / animal organ transplant inoculations
(+2) Easy Learning For The Terminally Lazy
(+10)(+10) Exercise Is For The Birds
(+5) Forget Mars, Let's Do Titan
(+5) Garbage Goats
(+3) Geothermal Space Launch
(+3) Half-baked Films Presents
(+11, -2)(+11, -2) High altitude baboons
(+3, -1) Hybrid rapid fire rotary custard pie applicator
(+5) Indirect Crowd Funding for Meteor Defense Systems
(+2) Low-tech space entry vehicle (no space elevator mountains needed)
(+3, -1) Making a little bit of Mars slightly more habitable
(+5) Mitochondrial Taste Test
(+9)(+9) Mousternauts
(+4) Multi Fuel Utility Vehicle.
(+4) Never Ending Bus Journey
(+3) Non Pedigree Cat Sanctuaries
(+4) PermaPet
(+2) Pinky and The Brain (Sans Pinky)
(+3, -1) Pope Mapping Drone
(+5) Project Tinkerbell
(+3) Saltwater Water Lilies
(+3) Sat-Nav Wiki
(+2) Schrodinger's Yank
(+3, -2) Shake and Bake Neanderthal
(+2, -1) Simulated Intelligence
(+5, -1) Swimming Pool Sized Bowls of Custard
(+5, -1) The Intelligent Chicken Project
(+5) Wildlife Free Zones

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