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Voltaically Adjustable Inseams

Trouser leg length change on demand
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A properly cut pair of trousers partially covers the heel of the shoe, but should not touch the ground. That’s fine when your standing, but what about when sit down and cross your legs? Suddenly your entire sock plus about 4 cm of pasty calf-flesh are exposed to the world! Before anyone notices, you discreetly push a button on your belt; your trouser leg extends, modestly covering calf, sock and ankle.

You are wearing trousers with voltaically adjustable inseams. The fabric is woven from a special fiber that expands when an electric potential is applied. A battery worn on the belt applies the voltage at the push of a button.

(Also useful for walking in flooded areas, and when borrowing clothes from you taller or shorter friends.)

AO, Apr 25 2003

(?) Electroactive Polymer Transducers http://www.erg.sri....tion/actuators.html
[AO, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Are those voltaically adjustable inseams with electroactive polymer transducers in your pants, or are you just shocked to see me?
FarmerJohn, Apr 25 2003

AO, Apr 25 2003

       in the shortened mode, the material will not be smooth, it will be bunched up like curtains.   

       personally I am rather partial to the glimpse of a well-turned ankle. don't limp like that.
po, Apr 25 2003

       I think it's written in my profile (I'll check later) that I auto-bone any idea combining pants and electricity, for personal reasons (thank you UB and FJ). Sorry. Wear longer socks.
Canuck, Apr 25 2003

       Would work best interwoven with something 'stretchy'. This could give polyester the boost it needs for a huge comeback.
X2Entendre, Apr 25 2003

       brilliant idea, but along the same lines as [canuck], i am always wary of any technology that puts current in or near my crotch...   

       have a croissant, though, because it's a good solution to a common problem.
urbanmatador, Apr 26 2003

       Howsabout an electrically-lowered cuff that normally hides inside the trousers?   

       To please [galukalock], the cuff would be powered by piezo-electric butt pads.
Cedar Park, Apr 27 2003

       That's a great solution to another problem I feel constantly: cold shins. Just make your trousers longer and you won't feel that cold draft in your shins (happens with larger trousers). Croissant for table 7!
PauloSargaco, Apr 28 2003

       I am amused and intrigued by the concept, however contemplating the potential tragedy that would erupt when you spilt water in your lap makes my teeth hurt. Water in lap + battery in belt = McDonald hot coffee style lawsuit.
pablopk, Apr 28 2003

       Cool! Just like in Back to the Future 2!
beland, Jul 15 2003


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