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Vote Curated Newspaper.

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It's a website that combines the function of a wiki (like wikipedia editing) and social voting (like reddit), but where each categories represents a section of the newspaper.

The top few articles in each section is shortlisted each day, and is sent to the "editorial" in house team, who are there to ensure that it fits the constitution (as written by the users themselves). It is then organized and printed as physical newspaper (or as an online ezine) at the next day.

The process is pretty much better explained as being very similar to the "Outernet" organizational model.


Shortlisted articles will cause their contributions to be paid for their proportion of contribution for that articles.


For investigative journalism, you can have a cell group organization. Where proven good contributors, can get a steady income to conduct special investigative works. Their article is fast tracked to be released first with minimal oversight, but the results will be reviewed by the community and (thus rewarded/punished appropriately with reputation credits)

mofosyne, Jan 12 2015

outernet content selection discussion https://discuss.out...dcasts-and-why/1044
[mofosyne, Jan 12 2015]

Outernet Selection Flowchart http://2.bp.blogspo...%2B(white%2Bbg).jpg
This is pretty much how it works, but the content request become "content creation" in this idea [mofosyne, Jan 12 2015]




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