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Writing on the Edge

Use the edge of the envelope.
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See link for inspiration of this Idea. It states that the Postal Service routinely photographs both the front and the back side of every envelope, to catch messages associated with drug-money "drops". Well, obviously, ANY message you want to keep from such prying, that you are forgetful enough to not put on paper inside the envelope, needs to be written on the edge of the envelope!

For the average person to do such a thing, a clamp and a special pantograph is needed. An average pantograph lets you duplicate what you write, but some will create magnified/"duplicate" text, and some will create miniaturized/"duplicate" text. That last type is what you need, to write on the edge of the clamped envelope.

To read the text, the recipient only needs a good magnifying glass.

This Idea is Half-Baked simply because as soon as some Post Office worker reads it, extra pictures of the envelope will be taken. Ah, well.

Vernon, Apr 23 2015

Snooping on snail mail http://yro.slashdot...an-track-snail-mail
As mentioned in the main text. [Vernon, Apr 23 2015]


       Write your message in ogham using the edge as the arris. Easy to read; but a photo will only show (at best) fragments of some letters.
pocmloc, Apr 23 2015

       my son sent a package to his brother at camp which he labeled "contents: hot soup" . I imagine this caused quite a stir.
dentworth, Apr 24 2015

       It is my humble opinion that any and all lexiconographic additions to the fold will remain stationary.   

       Why would an even feeble minded criminal write on the outside of their envelope in such a way to reveal their enterprise? I would believe that in the matter of sending illicit monies some care would be taken to make minimally obvious the purpose at hand.
WcW, Apr 24 2015

       That gives me a great idea: an acerbic, past-middle aged academic genius must take on a life of crime. He quickly rises to dominate the enterprise, easily outthinking his poorly educated competition.   

       wait - has this been done recently?
bungston, Apr 24 2015

       I say nothing without a lawyer.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 24 2015

       I doubt they have the sophistication to cross-reference envelopes. Send 4, with every 4th letter on each.
Voice, Apr 24 2015


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