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.art suffix option for all websites devoted to artists.
xenzag, Mar 17 2012

.art https://en.m.wikipe..._(domain_extension)
[xaviergisz, Apr 28 2020]


       I call dibs on "F" and "Sm". (Especially "F")
AusCan531, Mar 17 2012

       Great idea(+) if you can somehow amend it to mean fine art, not rap and other similarly repulsive activities.
cudgel, Mar 17 2012

       Maybe a juried top-level domain?
mouseposture, Mar 17 2012

       I like it but porn would take it within a week
Voice, Mar 17 2012

       ^sadly and remarkably prescient.
Alterother, Mar 17 2012

       I wouldn't mind seeing .croissant for all websites devoted to new ideas :)
phundug, Mar 17 2012

       I'm happy to say that my idea of a www.art web address has now been brought into existence 8 years after I proposed it.
xenzag, Apr 28 2020

       Nature imitates art ? Unprecedented ...
8th of 7, Apr 28 2020

pertinax, Apr 28 2020

       The difference between porn and art is only about 200 years anyway.
Voice, Apr 28 2020

       <Interesting fact>   

       Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had a large (but tasteful) oil painting of largely unclad ladies, called "Florinda" (by Franz Winterhalther) hung in their sitting room in Osbourne House.   

       </Interesting fact>
8th of 7, Apr 28 2020


       naming - specific names to give to people, pets, restaurants, top level domains, etc. are out of scope for the halfbakery. Whole naming schemes, tools to help with naming or exchange names, and specific names accompanying actual inventions are okay.
xaviergisz, Apr 28 2020


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