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WHOIS nagfile

Generates a uniform complaint registery for domains
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Many a surfer has reached site from hell where, at least in theory, a programmer designed and posted a crap page or two out of the tens of thousands of good pages on the site. Hence, frustrated and crying out for revenge, a site visitor makes a potentially stressful decision: Do I,

a) look up the email of the Organizational Contactus?
b) visit the credited Sitebyus, mentioning which site?
c) go mad, sending a professional hacker to desecrate it?

Solution, encourage the leading software developers to put a "talk smack" button on a brower … a bit of a WHOIS, alt.name search and file a nagging memo macro thingy. No more writing to the postmaster or other responsible party, just pepper every site's email with minor comments of a few words pointing to site improvement.

reensure, Jan 27 2002

AbuseAt http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/AbuseAt
Would that be similar to this? [mwburden, Jan 27 2002]


       Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to discourage you.   

       The suggested mechanism almost exists, in form of a standard for a specially tagged link with a mailto: address to send comments to, plus (for example) a one-key command in the "lynx" browser to use it. ("c", for "comment on the site".)   

       Nobody's using it (I'm afraid I don't either, not in this site), but making people actually use good ideas is outside the scope of the halfbakery.
jutta, Jan 27 2002


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