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Wouldn't it be nice?
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ala Beach Boys

Wouldn't it be nice if light were shorter?
Then it wouldn't have to go so far.
And wouldn't it be nice if we could hover!
Then we wouldn't have to drive a car.
You know its gonna make it that much better
When we're eating hot chestnuts together!

Wouldn't it be nice if clothes could tell us
When somebody's going to go insane?
And after having spanned the world with metal
Hold it up with giant window panes.
The happy times together we've been spending!
Why isn't toilet paper never ending?
Wouldn't it be nice?

Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray... it might come true!
Baby, then there wouldn't be a single thing we couldn't do...
If only we could be glowing and then our guts would be showing,
Wouldn't it be nice?

You know it seems the more we talk about it
It only makes it worse to live without it
But let's talk about it...
Wouldn't it be nice?
(La, la, la, laa, la...)

k_sra, May 06 2003

(?) YouTube: Beach Boys: Wouldn't It Be Nice? http://www.youtube....watch?v=L--cqAI3IUI
First track on "Pet Sounds". [jutta, Jun 28 2007]


       lovely - hah you were too afraid to stick the final I on it!   

       WIBNi - excellent. more than excellent +1
po, May 06 2003

       BRAVO, k_sra
mahatma, May 06 2003

       Hehehe! I had a hard time reading that since I was laughing out loud from line one. +
Shz, May 06 2003

       Catchy. :)
XSarenkaX, May 07 2003

       N. (+)
beauxeault, May 07 2003

       <chuckle> +. </tear from eye>
friendlyfire, May 07 2003

       Oh, I needed that. Now where's my arse gone?
egbert, May 08 2003

       If I understood a crazy man's poetry (and I think most of you thought you did,) I would give you a bun. Instead, you get a neutral from me.
croissantz, Aug 22 2004

       [croissantz], this a spoof of the Beach Boys song "Wouldn't it be nice." If that doesn't shake any recognition loose... I don't know what can be done.
k_sra, Aug 24 2004

       You know, some people from outside the US know of the beach boys. It's true!
harderthanjesus, Aug 24 2004

       Yeah, over in Europe we know about things, even if they happen outside our own continent! (runs and hides as GW Bush notices another non-US country and decides to bomb it)   

       (no, really runs and hides this time)
david_scothern, Aug 24 2004

       Damnit, you don't have to convince me. I live in the most uninformed "superpower" on the planet. "If it didn't happen in Las Vegas, we don't want to hear about it!"
k_sra, Nov 04 2004

       Why, what happened in Vegas?
calum, Nov 04 2004

       I have no idea. The only news I get is through watching CSI: Las Vegas.
k_sra, Nov 04 2004

       Bunderful +
etherman, Nov 04 2004

       I *s'pose* I could bun this again. +
sartep, Nov 04 2004

       //Why, what happened in Vegas?//   

       What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...
Jinbish, Oct 11 2006

       Very nice [k-sra]! Where are you anyway?
wagster, Oct 11 2006

       I think she went to another party. :-(
Jinbish, Oct 11 2006

       Wants to modify the original. Re-
Dub, Oct 11 2006

evilpenguin, Jun 29 2007

       Should record that :p [+]
cpf, Jul 03 2007

       I'm back, wags. I just took a two year break. I feel like rip-van-winkle.
k_sra, Jul 31 2007

       remembered your password then! ;)
po, Jul 31 2007


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