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Wacky window

Another reason to enjoy the sun
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The wacky window consists of 2 panes of glass, about 1cm apart. Sandwiched in between the panes are various colours of gel/oil, which would be marvellously altered to prevent their combination into one horrible cloured sludge.

When the sun shines down on the window, the colours would swirl about via convection, a bit like a lava lamp. Wonderful light patterns would be produced on the floor or the wall.

Parvenu, Nov 21 2002

sounds a little like this one though... http://www.halfbake...luorescent_20window
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...and quite a bit like this one as well http://www.halfbake...idea/Wonder_20Walls
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       Stained glass windows don't make "Wonderful light patterns". Why would this?
Mayfly, Nov 21 2002

       As the sunlight passes through the 'filling', it 'projects' (i suppose is the word) that colour onto the floor, like a lava lamp gives off coloured light.
The movement makes it even better.
Parvenu, Nov 21 2002

       this reminded me, I used to have a little round flat screen thing comprising two sheets of perspex and inside were 2 kinds of powder (?) one blue and one white and as you rotated it or flipped it the heavier powder flowed like snow down a mountainside. all kinds of patterns could be produced. I just wondered if you could somehow make your window revolve in some way?
po, Nov 21 2002

       The window could be made into some sort of giant round cog, with teeth in the sides, that could be turned by other cogs built into the wall. The noise, however, might get irritating. (newbiness: i will stop annotating this one now as i understand its not a good idea to annotate your own ideas too much round here)
Parvenu, Nov 21 2002

       there is often a little padding out though, don't you think bliss...
po, Nov 21 2002

       What do you mean by that, bliss?
Parvenu, Nov 21 2002

       And now you can spell it either way.
FarmerJohn, Nov 21 2002

       Could it have a little reservoir at the bottom, so you can drain the oil/fluids and have a "normal" window?
Micky Dread, Nov 21 2002

       You could combine several different types of acid so when someone breaks in they don't get very far...
Supercruiser, Nov 22 2002

       You mean a bit like that scene in Robocop, where the dude crashes into the tank of toxic acidy waste stuff, and then starts melting, and eveyone is going "AH! yuck, dude, thats gross.".
Micky Dread, Nov 22 2002

       If a Fresnel lens were etched onto the inner surface of the window, it could be made to project but there would be the problem of focal length. Maybe an interchangeable inner panel ?
8th of 7, Nov 22 2002


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