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Water Window

Adaptive window that refracts incident light producing the effect of water ripples
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A window that can flex across its surface, thereby refracting incoming light to produce the effect of water ripple patterns within a room.

Potential implementation:

A flexible plastic material as the main window surface, containing a matrix of expansion chambers, connected to the window casing by narrow channels. Each channel would be connected to a piston that could be moved to alter the air pressure within the respective expansion chamber. By coordinating the movement of all the pistons a specific pattern of window deformation could be produced, and with a sufficiently fine grid of chambers the desired ripple pattern (or any other pattern) could be produced.

drainfood, Jul 17 2003


       if you can do it, I'll buy one.
neilp, Dec 21 2004

       Those projected patterns from rippling water are called caustics. I mean, if anyone cares, that is.
bristolz, Dec 21 2004


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